Media Observer

"At Media Observer, we transcend boundaries to redefine media intelligence. Specializing in media tracking and monitoring, we vigilantly observe the pulse of your brand's narrative across diverse channels. Our expertise extends to PR impact analysis, meticulously deciphering the resonance of your communications.

Unveiling the power of precision, we conduct thorough advertisement audits and research, ensuring your message cuts through the noise. With a commitment to unparalleled insight, we empower your brand to navigate the media landscape seamlessly. Join us on a journey where information meets influence, and every observation shapes a strategic advantage. This is Media Observer – illuminating your media presence with clarity and purpose."

Why Monitor the Media?

Media Monitoring, both for Public Relation activity & advertisement effort is quintessential– to see through the created buss, and analyse its impact in numbers.


Media Monitoring & Tracking

  • Print media
  • Electronic media
  • Multimedia
  • Social Media


Public Relation Impact Analysis & Audit

  • Share of Voice
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Media reach
  • Media outreach diversity
  • Media Placement quality
  • Key message penetration
  • Earned Vs Paid media Ratio
  • Media Engagement
  • & many more


Research and Analytics

  • Media Perception Analysis
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Advertisement Audit
  • OOH Media
  • Electronic media
  • Print
  • Hoardings
  • High wall painting
  • Running board display


  • Banking Financial Services & Insurance

  • Real Estate & Infrastructure

  • Education

  • Power, Oil & Gas

  • Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

  • Sports Media & Lifestyle

  • Capital Markets & Investor Relations

  • Telecom & Technology

  • Auto & Engineering

  • Start Ups & New Age Enterprises

  • Government & Public Sector Units

Our Team

Rakesh K Srivastava

CEO & Founder

Anjana Sinha

Head Media Monitoring & Impact Evaluation